b Protective Restorations | Arlington Pediatric Dentistry

If your child’s teeth develop cavities, sustain damage or are at risk for developing other dental problems, our experienced pediatric dentists may recommend a protective restoration. This type of treatment works to halt the progression of decay and restore your child’s oral health without the need for drilling, needles or other discomfort. Call Arlington Pediatric Dentistry at 703-671-5437 to learn more about protective restorations in Arlington, Virginia, and make your child’s appointment with Dr. Arpi Patel Khare and associates.

When your child receives protective restoration treatment, our pediatric dentists will first carefully examine their mouth to determine the extent of their tooth decay. We will then gently and thoroughly clean their teeth to prepare them to receive treatment. A special fluoride-releasing material is then applied. This material works to fill in any damaged areas, restoring the tooth and working to prevent further decay. Protective restorations are designed to be completely comfortable and noninvasive so that your child can receive the care they need without any anxiety, fear or distress.

During this appointment, our pediatric dentists and team will also discuss your child’s oral home care routine and make recommendations regarding preventive treatments to help improve your child’s oral health and prevent additional problems from developing in the future.

For more information about protective restorations and to schedule a consultation with our experienced pediatric dentists, contact our office today and speak with a member of our team.