b Noninvasive Dentistry | Arlington Pediatric Dentistry

Our goal at Arlington Pediatric Dentistry is to provide your child with conservative, comfortable treatments that can improve their oral health and smile while also preserving as much of their natural tooth structure as possible. Our pediatric dentists and team take a noninvasive approach to your child’s dental care, taking time to understand their needs and create treatment plans that are as minimally invasive as possible. To learn more about noninvasive dentistry in Arlington, Virginia, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Arpi Patel Khare and associates, call us today at 703-671-5437.

Our pediatric dentists and team are committed to providing conservative treatments that can promote your child’s long-term oral health as well as giving them a more comfortable dental experience in our office. We use special treatment techniques, materials and technologies to ensure that each treatment your child receives is both high-quality and noninvasive. An important part of our treatment philosophy is preventive care, such as routine dental cleanings, dental sealants and fluoride treatment, as well as regular home care. Our pediatric dentists will work closely with you to create an ongoing preventive treatment plan that meets your child’s needs. We are here to be a resource for you in caring for your child’s oral health and encourage you to contact us anytime you have a question about your child’s teeth, mouth or smile.

If your child requires restorative treatments, we will carefully evaluate their teeth and mouth to determine which type of treatment is right for their needs and will provide them with the best long-term results. We will discuss all treatment options with you so that you can make fully informed decisions for your child’s care.

If you have any questions about noninvasive dentistry or would like to make an appointment with our pediatric dentists and team, give us a call today.